A FibroScan is a test that can reveal any fibrosis or fatty deposits within the liver. It is a non-invasive, quick and simple test that works using ultrasound and gives an immediate result. We are just a handful of locations in Southern California that is able to offer our patients the upgraded FibroScan machine which not only measures liver stiffness but can also detect liver steatosis, known as fatty liver.

The FibroScan is completely painless and so you will not require an anaesthetic or any sedation. An experienced specialist clinician will pass an ultrasound wave into your abdomen around the area of your liver while you lie on your back. The entire procedure takes about 15 minutes.

What is my FibroScan® result and what does it mean?

Results are measured using kiloPascal’s (or kPa) and range from 2 to 75. The normal range for a FibroScan® is between 2 to 7 kPa. The average normal result is 5.3 kPa. Your liver doctor will explain these results to find out how much scarring you have. Your result will vary based on what liver disease you have.

Scarring has 4 stages:

  • F0 means no scarring
  • F1 is mild fibrosis
  • F2 is moderate fibrosis
  • F3 is severe fibrosis
  • F4 is cirrhosis or advanced fibrosis